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Exposed: 3 Things you do NOT need to Become a Cabin Crew

Many people ask me what do they need to be, say or do so they become a member of the cabin crew. That list is long, and it is a mix of skills, experience, knowledge and awareness. 

Today, however, I want to share with you the tops three things you do NOT need to become a cabin crew. 

3 Things You do NOT need to Become a Cabin Crew!

1. Cabin crew certification 

I know this is a big business in many countries around the world, with academies and cabin crew schools and all kinds of institutions that offer private courses, which usually end with a cabin crew diploma. These might be useful or required by your national airline, but when applying for Emirates, Etihad or Qatar Airways, these cabin crew licenses are not needed.

cabin crew requirementsThe local aviation laws and procedures differ from airline to airline; thus you will go through an initial training at the airline’s academy once you are offered the job. This is offered to all successful candidates, so if you’ve been considering paying for these courses in order to apply for Emirates, Etihad or Qatar Airways, save your money.

Apply for a customer service job, even if it’s just a volunteer job or an internship. The skills you learn on the job are much more valuable and could represent an advantage for you.

2. Perfect looks 

Flight attendants are well known for their beauty. We see the commercials and the photos published online or on social media, and we think that only extremely good looking people can have a chance to become cabin crew.

While it is true that your appearance must be pleasant, “perfection” (how do you define that anyway?) is not required.

Cabin crew members from Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways come from more than 100 nationalities, and their diversity is what creates the exquisite image these airlines built over time.

3. Previous experience in an airline 

None of these three airlines requires or prefer candidates with previous airline experience. They choose to hire more people who have previous customer service experience for the simple reason that they are able to give plenty of examples of how they deal with customers from their previous job (the cabin crew interview is built around the belief that “past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior.”)

But many people are hired straight from school, or without any customer service experience. Those were the people who were able to show that they possess the skills necessary for the job.

Quick update:
This month, you will have the opportunity to participate in the recruitment events organized by Qatar Airways. The details of all the countries visited for Open Days are in this link. 
Etihad is still accepting online applications, which you can submit here
For Emirates, the careers portal website is not yet open for new applications. However, you can use this time wisely by reading through the blog, send your cv for appraisal and checking more tips on these airlines.

What are your thoughts on the previous 3 things that aren't really a requirement?

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