So, You Think You Got What it Takes to be a Flight Attendant?

Friday, May 19, 2017

So, You Think You Got What it Takes to be a Flight Attendant?

In December 2012 Delta was looking to fill 400 flight attendant positions. The response was nothing less than shocking. The applications came in droves, sometimes two per second! In just about a month they received 44000, yes forty-four THOUSAND, resumes. 
The competition today for middle eastern airlines ain't no different from Delta in 2012. In fact, it grew higher and talented applicant are applying worldwide to win the golden spot. The tips below will give you an idea of what it takes to be hired as a cabin crew and perhaps you can try to obtain all of them.

Top 7 things which will increase your chances to be hired as a flight attendant

1- Speak another language
And we're not talking college Spanish 101 level. You need to be fluent in what we call a Language of Destination or LOD to areas that the airline services. Look at the airline's websites to see which ones need to be filled. Although general hiring is finished, Delta is still looking for Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin, Dutch, Hindi and French speakers. American is looking for Finnish, Italian, German, Korean, Japanese and Mandarin speakers. Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways are looking for European and candidates worldwide. If you speak any of additional languages, you might just be a shoo-in!
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2- Have experience in the service industry
If you happen to work at a restaurant or hotel, or even a hair salon, you have dealt with people on a daily basis and know how to make customers happy. And you probably had to work for all kinds of holidays, as the show must go on. A hotel, restaurant, etc. never sleeps, and neither does the airline.

3- Don't weigh 350 pounds!
Well, you know what I mean. There is no weight limit anymore, but you don't just need to look good in the uniform. You have to fit in the jump seat, the little folded thingy that we sit on during take-off and landing. They are tiny, and the seat belts on those things don't have a lot of lengths. Some jump seats you have to share with another flight attendant. You don't want to be the one who forces your seatmate to sit half-cheeked.

4- Don't be vertically challenged 
It is important that you can not only reach an open overhead bin, but you also need to be able to close an aircraft door manually. These doors need to be lifted and then closed while pressing a button that is at about 6, and a step-stool is not usually among the airplane inventory. This means you need to be over 5-0 tall but not taller than about 6-2.

5- It helps to have a degree
Although it is not officially a requirement, just given the huge numbers of applicants, it helps to be educated in the field.

6- Be in good physical shape. 
You will not only pull a fully laden beverage cart up the aisle that seems longer than a football field, but you will need to go through six weeks of very demanding training. This involves lifting aircraft exit windows and doors, hauling yourself and others into a life raft (special day if you ask me) and evacuating an airplane down the inflatable slides. Every day in training and at work brings its own physical challenge.

7- Be friendly
You will have to see hundreds of people per day. Whatever might be swirling in your head (your dog died, your boyfriend is cheating on you) keep in mind the job is like being on stage. You're here to help people get from point A to point B and to do it in a nice, outgoing and sweet way. The nicer you are, the nicer the people will be to you. I guess that's one of the secret to job.
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Be sure to go and apply for who is hiring and read other existing tips
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