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Writing a Flight Attendant Resume with Samples (No Experience Needed!)

Are you interested in becoming a flight attendant? If you answer this question with a sounding YES, then are you prepared to become one? Is your resume ready to be submitted and free from mistakes? How can you write a new resume from scratch? Is the curriculum vitae that important? What should be included in your cabin crew cv?

This guide will provide you with relevant information on how to write a neat and complete cabin crew resume.

Flight Attendant Resume Guide

The flight attendant curriculum vitae is a short descriptive summary of information about you. It shows your educational attainment, your personal information, your work experience. The resume also showcases your qualifications to get the position, relevant achievements and the people to be contacted as your references.

When you write a cabin crew resume, make sure that all information that you put into it is all certified true and relevant.

One step closer to a job interview!

It is indeed important to create an impressive cabin crew resume and why is that so? You need to remember that the CEO or whoever interviews you are too busy to read your application letter and your other credentials.

These people always have other important things to do aside from reading your application. If you have an organized and eye-catching resume, there is a big chance that you will get the position you are aspiring for.

Make your flight attendant resume enticing to the eyes of the employers by putting all the relevant and impressive personal information that includes your work experiences, education, skills and most importantly a photograph.

Flight Attendant Resume

How to Write a Great Flight Attendant CV?

When writing your resume for the first time or making revisions to your existing cv, you should include and expound the following points:

Personal Information

This includes your name, your address and other important personal information such as phone number and email address. In writing a flight attendant resume, make sure that all the information is true and updated. Your phone number and email address are very important because this is how you will be contacted.

Date of birth, nationality, religion, age is optional and not necessarily needed when writing your personal information.


Monica Ferari
99 Flower Ave, New Jersey, 07011 USA
+1 973 563 4947


This is also considered an important part when writing your resume. Present your goal and the reason why you are applying for the position in your objectives.

Often candidates neglect this piece of line and it's usually showing right at the beginning of your CV; the recruiters love to see that small text of objectives and summary about you as it saves them time by reading a summary of who you are and a chance for you to attract their attention.

Work Experiences

This is considered the most relevant part when writing your curriculum vitae. The employer will find out how deserving and skilled you are through your work experiences. The more related work experience you had, the bigger your chances are to get the position.

Although applying for cabin crew jobs don't necessarily require previous aviation skills. It's good if you had any, but fresh candidates get hired all the time. Other factors like language skills, appearances, and related experiences also play a huge role when selecting successful candidates.

Begin with your current or latest job and list them back based on your job history. Mentioning the name of the company, location, employment period (Month, 20xx - Month, 20zx), job title and finally job description. Your job description should be summarized through bullet points or full structure not exceeding 3-4 sentences highlighting your skills and main duties.


Facebook CORP, NY USA — Management control employee
May 2017 - PRESENT

Preparation of reports regarding sales and costs. Analysis of business profitability. Marketing for the available houses in the Pine estate (In different banks in Kampala) and doing follow-ups with potential clients. I was also managing sales database and doing social media marketing to help increase exposure and leads.


This part of your resume will show your educational backgrounds like the schools that you attended and the year that you have graduated. If you have some updates on your educational attainment like when you have finished your master’s degree or related courses, then you may include them in this part. They are considered an advantage when applying for jobs.

There is no need to mention unfinished degrees or courses, especially if your resume will surpass the ideal length (2 pages).

Skills (optional)

If you believe you have some skills that could be relevant to the job that you're applying for then include at the end of your resume. However, the skills section is only optional. It is not really necessary to include and enlist all of your skills. Just choose the relevant ones or even better, leave that section for the cover letter.

For example:

  • Customer focus: experienced at providing high-quality service to customers at all levels and ensuring their satisfaction.
  • Adaptability: provided distinguished customer service assistance to VIP clients at their office, in addition to assisting the field team at the ground site.
  • Teamwork: developed great working relationships with the company departments forging partnerships and executing more tasks with the coworkers that played heavily in the establishment advantage.
  • Problem solver: Always keen in the workplace to help coworkers solve practical problems that arise and intervene in tough situations to help alleviate the damage and solve issues.

CV Photograph (optional)

A resume photo is optional, however, I totally encourage candidates to take one. Professional resume photographs entail a lot about the person and can show recruiters that you'll walk the extra mile to present yourself.

Have you heard the saying:

A picture is worth a thousand words!

And there you are in proper business attire and etiquette taking a CV photograph while smiling at the camera. The recruiters definitely appreciate those shots, and can even be taken by your cellular phone if necessary as long as your wearing casual business attire and your facing is showing clearly.

Personal References (optional)

This part is where the employer can contact the people who may have known you for your work. Usually, these people are you previous co-workers, employers...etc and someone who can attest your qualifications.

Make sure to include their name, contact information (email address and phone number) in addition to their relation to you.

Not necessarily required to add this section, but if your resume missing content and you want to prolong it a bit, it won't hurt to add 2-3 references at the end.

If you have that urge to include a line regarding references, you can add the following phrase at the end of your curriculum vitae.

References available upon request.

If I were you, I would only add the preferences section if I was instructed to do so by the company its self. Reason being is to keep the resume as short as possible and to the point. And even then, I would print a sole page of 3-4 references with their name, contact info (email and phone #), address, company position.
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5 Flight Attedant Resume Examples


How to download?
  1. Hit file
  2. Download as
  3. Choose the docx version
  4. Begin writing your resume

3 CV Main Ingredients

Keep things short & simple

Your resume shouldn't exceed the 2-page length. Write the content formally and keep things organized and to the point. Avoid using slang or vague words that might confuse the recruiters. At the same time, keep a friendly tone and show your unique touch.

Choose the right CV template

There are hundreds of CV templates that you can use such as the ones added above. The design of your resume reflects a lot on the performance of your application and can either leave a good, neutral or bad first impression.

So do a Google search and choose the right CV template that you see fits best.

Grammar check

Have your resume proofread by a professional or using an online tool that will detect any misspelling or other grammatical mistakes. My favorite tool Grammarly is %100 free extension that can be added to your Chrome browser and will correct any grammatical errors that you might have made.

Also, you can submit your resume here for a free appraisal.


There are hundreds of people attending the cabin crew open day events and applying online. All of them dream to become flight attendants. What makes you different from the other candidates? Your only chance to be invited to participate in the a0ssessment day or other events is to have a killer CV.   

The interviewers have under 1 minute to review a CV and decide if it belongs in the YES or in the NO pile. Apply the tips above and increase your chances of the next recruitment step; a chance for a real 1 on 1 interview.

Do not give them the option to reject yours!

Don’t forget to add a motivation letter to complete your application. Check out our 5 flight attendant cover letter examples we have already written for you to use. And after you have crafted your resume and cover letter, you can then submit your application with more confidence.
If you want to hire us to write your cover letter or resume, you can simply order through the services page and leave the heavy work to us.

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