25 Questions and Answers for Cabin Crew Final Interview (2020)

Thursday, January 4, 2018

25 Questions and Answers for Cabin Crew Final Interview (2020)

If you have reached the final interview during your cabin crew interview, Congratulations! 

You have passed the most difficult stages and at this point, you know that recruiters are interested in your profile, that you have the potential to become an airline cabin crew/steward.

This job interview is very similar to what you can do elsewhere, but it is particularly focused on your professional experiences. This is the time to prove your abilities, to highlight what you have learned from your previous experiences.

During the final interview, you'll have to prepare for questions, more questions, and lots of questions.
Below you have a non-exhaustive list of what the recruiters will ask you, what they target, and the pitfalls to avoid.

Cabin crew final interview

Final Interview Questions and Answers

1- " Tell me about yourself? "

This question is asked in almost every cabin crew interview. It is good to be prepared for this question even for other non-aviation interviews.

Here, you are not asked to talk about your passions, but about your student and/or professional background: what degrees you have obtained, in what area of activity you have worked. Follow a chronological description, that is to say from the oldest to finish on your current situation.

Keep it short, no need to list all your employers and give a slight introduction about who you're, age, related hobbies, what you do for a living and most importantly, don't talk too fast and be comfortable in your own shoes.

That way, the recruiter will have the opportunity to ask you more questions about who you are and maybe even relate to you.

2- "Tell me about the job of your dreams."

Whats your dream job?Obviously, when you apply for a sales position, you will not say that the job of your dreams is to be an engineer! Well, it's the same. But do not just say that cabin crew is the job of your dreams. Go instead to the description of the work, which is in line with the description of the job of a flight attendant.

Example: "The job of my dreams would allow me to break the daily routine, to be in direct contact with the customers, to be the ambassador of my company and to confront everyday challenges and learn new things."

3- " How would your friends or colleagues describe you? "

Stay professional, have one or two quotes in mind. Do not bother to invent one if you do not believe in your answer: the qualities you put forward must reflect your abilities.

Remember to justify what is said about you. For example: "My manager often says that I learn quickly because he is surprised by my ability to understand tasks and perform them alone. "

4- " Tell me about a situation where you have been a force of proposal at work? "

Mention an example where your work suggestion was taken into account, and how did it benefit your business.

For example: "One day in the shop where I worked, I realized that one of the shelves on my floor had enough room to accommodate other products, and we had some products in stock that were not present on the shelf. So I suggested to my manager to set them up. We increased our sales in this area by 25%! ".

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5- " What are your strengths? "

Again and again, your answers must be professional and not too long. Prepare 4-5 qualities related to customer service such as teamwork, communication, attention to detail or your ability to solve problems.

Picture a map of your own strengths and don't try to memorize an exact text as that can make you susceptible to nervousness, especially if you're asked something else.

6- " What are your weaknesses? "

... And so the question mirror that inevitably follows! But beware, it is much more a difficult one. You can not speak of a weakness without detailing how you work on it to improve yourself.

You must find weaknesses that you can compensate, and that will not deteriorate your professional image or your chances of having the job. To say that you CANNOT work in a group is, therefore, to be rejected. And DO NOT SAY that you have no weaknesses ๐Ÿ˜‰ either.

Perhaps, you'll think of one when you are both questions at the same time, such as this:

7- " What are your qualities and faults " Both!

Do not boast too much! And look for qualities related to the job: I like the job well done, and kind of a perfectionist. It is said of me that I have a listening ear. Indeed, I like to listen to others...

For faults, turn them into qualities. I am curious because I like to learn, I like to feed my general culture, that's why, I am also be talkative. I always ask questions that can help me improve my job and to avoid falling into mistakes.

8- " What does the job of Cabin Crew represent for you in three words? "

Freedom, travel, and passenger welfare. You can even say aeronautical skills in safety, security and public service.

9- " Tell me about a situation where you have taken on a challenge at work? "

Describe what was wrong, why it was a challenge for you, and how you overcame it. The outcome must be a success, highlight your ability to solve problems, without tarnishing your colleagues' image.

No judgment! Never judgment in fact, nor of your colleagues, nor of your bosses, nor of the customers whom you had.

I already mentioned that my in my previous post, 10 cabin crew interview tips (tip #2, if you haven't read that article, I suggest you read it before you attend your event).

10- " Have you ever worked with someone you did not like? If so, how did you handle the situation? "

Do not fall into the trap of judgment! We are not asking why you do not like this person, you are just asked to show that you have remained professional and diplomat.

11- " Tell me about a situation where you helped someone? "

Prepare examples, always in the professional field, focusing on the qualities put forward. They must relate to the expected qualities of a cabin crew.

12- " Tell me about a situation where you had to manage a colleague who was not doing his part of the job? "

Stay concise and clear, this is the best way to not speak negatively about this person, and do not meditate. Stay on objective facts, and express the situation in simple terms. And, the conclusion must be positive, do not talk about a situation that has ended in failure.

For example " I was once working with a new colleague in a retail store and he wasn't fully aware of his duties, which are checking all products are displayed and fully stocked. I managed to explain to him the priority commodity in the store and helped him stock it first. He began to understand the hang of it and by the end of the week, he didn't need my help anymore and was well off by himself".

13- " What kind of people do you refuse to work with? "

Another trick question, no judgment. Your future potential colleagues will come from all over the world, you can not afford to have any prejudice against people, their origins or their culture. Show that you are able to learn from everyone.

14- " Tell me about a situation where you misjudged someone? "

You can talk about someone you have underestimated at first, it's better than talking about someone you overestimate. And conclude on what you gained from it as an experience.

15- " Do you work better alone or with a group? "

Being able to do both is important, but do not answer that with "it depends on the situation!". The key word here is teamwork and show that you know how to take responsibility alone if it is necessary. As well as working in a group and being part of a great working team force.

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16- " What do you expect from your line manager? "

Be specific in your response, focusing on integrity and teamwork. For example: "I expect my supervisor to be a guide, a support in my tasks, fair, honest, to encourage the professional development of each member of the team."

17- " What motivates you to give the maximum of yourself to work? "

Here, don't talk about salary, employee benefits or lifestyle. For example, a short answer would be "It is important for me to provide excellent quality of service, see satisfied customers motivates me on a daily basis."

18- " How will you manage working long haul for long hours? "

Many flights can range from 15-16 hours so you need to show you're up to the task and able to keep up with the long haul. Show that you know how to manage your fatigue, your stress, always in a positive way.

19- " What did you do to prepare for this interview? "

Here, you can mention any books, articles you've read, but no need to recite all the figures you have learned. Just say that you've learned about such and such things, about the airline and commercial aerospace in general, about ETIHAD, EMIRATES or WHOEVER Airline business and their day-to-day lives. You're showing that you're motivated to do research beforehand and anticipate all these questions you already know the answer to.

20- " Are you easily able to handle situations under pressure? "

Here you have to show that you know how to manage your stress, without too much stretching on your example and the source of the stress.

21- " How long do you intend to stay in our company? "

Here, go ahead you can talk about your career ambition, your long-term plans. But most importantly, do not say, for example, that you plan to stay until you have enough experience to go to another company.

Keep in mind that all airlines will train and hire so that you can stay with them indefinitely. They want to be sure that they make a good investment! Keep it short and on the idea that you are planning a long-term career with the company.

22- " Are you currently applying for other companies? Which one will you choose if you are hired? "

You can be sincere, but be concise. You apply for Emirates, obviously show that it is Emirates that you choose if you had to choose!

23- " Why Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways? "

Ah! That question! Avoid answering "Hmm, because I love your destinations and want to travel to Dubai!" travel, experience, these are just consequences of your hiring.

Here is the time to lick the boots of the company, having done research beforehand on the rewards of the company, its prestige, its ambition for the years to come. Show that you know who you are applying for.

24- " Why should I hire you, and not someone else? "

This question is bit tricky nor you should think of it as casting other participants. Concentrate on yourself, and what makes you qualified for the job. Talk about your qualities, your strengths, about what you have to bring to the company.

An example: "You should hire me because I have the necessary expertise and experience in customer service. I strive for excellence in everything I do, and I will give all my energy to meet the needs of customers. I achieved all my goals and excelled in my previous experiences, paying particular attention to each and every detail. "

Little tip: talk in the future past tense (what you can for the company in case they hire you), the recruiter will visualize you even better and increase your chances of success.

25- " Do you have any questions for me? "

This one, you'll all be entitled to it. Show that you are interested in the position, ask questions even if you already know the answer. But be careful: your questions must be relevant, and you must not have had the answer during the presentation of the company made by the recruiters the day before.

>>>> Finally, the golden question

" Why do you want to be a cabin crew? "

It all comes down to this question, so be sincere and tell them your story and passion for being a steward/stewardess.

When was the first time you thought about it, why it is a special job for you and what did you do to get closer to chase your dream, what motivates you to keep applying for the position?

 A little inside information that will show them not only your desire and motivation but also your skills that will put you "up there" with the high performers and ambassadors of the airline.

Talk from your heart and that's why we can't answer this question, but only you can. So give it some thought and I'm sure if you truly want something in life, you cannot fail eventually.


You will not necessarily have all these questions, but get ready as if it was the case. You will surely have questions that are not on this list, it would be too easy otherwise. Know that they will always be adapted according to your course, so personalize your preparation. Look at the interview, and ask yourself what questions you might be asked. If you have never worked before, you may be asked what you would do in a particular situation, so think about it too.

Think about your anecdotes, your vocabulary. You need to be able to respond smoothly, even if you can take 5-10 seconds to make sure of what you are asked for, and rethink your story. It is better to take 10 seconds and respond to what you are asked than to rush and finally answer off topic.

But most important, as for previous events, relax! Be yourself. Have confidence in yourself, be comfortable, it is a communicative feeling. If you are comfortable, the recruiters will be too, and if they are comfortable, they will be better able to offer you the job! ๐Ÿ˜‰

And all I have left to say is


If you made it this far...

Tell us some other cabin crew final interview questions that you might have been asked and why this job is special for you?


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