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10 Cabin Crew Benefits That Will Motivate You to Apply

Working as a cabin crew has its ups and downs as well as a fair share of turbulence. But as you grow into your career you will find that it is not just a job but a complete lifestyle and once you have flown for a few years, your eyes always turn to the skies. 

There are known benefits to the job and a few surprising ones but for most the positives outweigh the negatives. 

10 Benefits of Working as a Cabin Crew:

1# Travel

The most obvious one and the most desired, especially if you are working for a large international airline. You will get the chance to travel the world over and experience things most people only dream of. We don’t get long down-route and sometimes are too tired or jetlagged to go and explore but with a bit of rest and careful planning it is possible. Lunch in Nice, Shopping in Milan, Dinner in Paris? it's possible.

2# Hotels

Cabin crew get to stay in some nice hotels like the Sheraton, Marriott and Hilton, thanks to the need for good crew rest, although the crew is only there usually 1 night, 2 if they're lucky. Also, many are kind enough to offer discounts on food and internet too which is a real help – flight attendant salary and expensive hotels don’t quite go in the same sentence!

3# Varied Job

There is no 9 to 5 hours for cabin crew and no 2 days are the same, so it’s a perfect job for anyone who likes different shifts. Sadly, flight attendant also work holidays, weekends at any time of the day or night and standby periods. You are on a different aircraft each day, have a whole new crew and of course different passengers, so you never know what to expect. You could report at 9pm for a flight to Singapore or be sitting at the airport on 5am standby…

cabin crew benefits

4# Lifestyle

Because of the unusual shifts and a varied roster, flight attendants have quite a nice lifestyle. You usually know 75% of your destinations a month in advance so you can plan ahead, you may also have 2 or 3 days off together midweek. Of course, you can plan your trips in advance (shopping or sightseeing) or if you have family at home, you may just want to rest at the hotel or sit in the sun…

5# A Uniform

Flight attendant uniforms are quite iconic and as part of the job, you have to be very well presented and are the face of the company. The uniforms are designed to stand out and inspire trust in the airline and have to be instantly recognizable. Uniforms may also reflect culture and religion as well as having to be sturdy and practical. If you are lucky, you may even have a designer uniform.

6# Pride

Most Flight Attendants are very proud of their work and like to present their airline confidently and set high standards. They work hard as a team and mostly love the show it to the world through the uniform and airline culture.

7# Meeting New People

Every day you go to work with different flight crew and have hundreds of passengers passing through our aircraft. You are continually meeting interesting people from all walks of life. 

8# Staff Travel

Most airlines offer their staff, discounted or standby tickets for personal or family/friends use. This is a bonus if you commute or for a vacation. You're also offered airline and hotel discounts and sometimes reduced car rental fees.

9# Culture

You can move abroad or work locally and work as a Flight Attendant. There are many options in the Middle East with airlines such as Qatar Airways, Emirates and Etihad. These airlines offer free accommodation and transport as part of their package, so if you want to experience a different culture these airline benefits can be quite beneficial. Even moving to another area within your country, you are sure to experience new cultures.

10# Friends for Life

There is something about the Flight Attendant role that results in friendships that last a lifetime. This can be just because of the fun you can have while on the job, the lifestyle...etc and if you don’t hear from someone for a while, you know it’s because they are busy flying. 

Cabin crew work very closely onboard, they can make friends rather quickly and a good judge of character.

That's it,

Which benefit above is calling you the most to become a cabin crew?

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