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Important update:
Due to high volume of submissions, this support service is currently on hold til next month. Please leave your comments under articles, and I'll respond to you regarding your cv or cover letter appraisals. Thank You

As the competition grows higher among applicants, airlines become more captious and consider small details when selecting short-listed candidates that will attend the face-to-face interview.

Sending a complete application is the first step to be invited to the assessment day. Major airlines like Etihad, Emirates, Qatar Airways receive roughly 10,000 applications every month. Only %10-15 are being selected for further processing and invited to the interview.

is your CV - cover letter complete?

When sending us your application, we will analyze it for the following errors:
  1. Design; number of pages, font colors, font size, resume photo...etc
  2. Application Content such as making spelling and grammar mistakes, repetition, cramming information, straying into the irrelevant...etc
Use the forum below to send your cover letter / resume.

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Keep in mind that we cannot give more than 1 appraisal to each candidate. We will highlight the errors that might exist in your application and correct a few so you know what needs fixing.
If you think that your resume and cover letter need to be rewritten from scratch, you might want to check our writing service. If you have any other questions, you can reach us here.

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